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print this off and m

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Rockwell Spidey and

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But... but... but wh

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This is the future of mobile gaming

This is the future of mobile gaming???

Tentsile tree tents


Whoa... Dawn of The Planet of The Apes | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

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"Fictional Landscape

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Peter Pan Book Art

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Public art Antwerp

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300ms tap delay, gone away - HTML5Rocks Updates

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ThinkGeek :: Critica

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The female warriors

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Mark Khaisman from K

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JR Tate Modern, Lond

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Industrial designer

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Wood Carving

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ROK | Homepage for the ROK espresso maker

Manual espresso!

Behold, Honda's Airbag Smartphone Case

Airbag smartphone case anyone?

Revolutionary fitness method -- now you can have CRAZY ABS!!!!!

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The Hammock Bathtub

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Comics drawn on a sidewalk with a pressure washer

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A "Transparent" Cabi

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Supernova | Noomi Ra

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These parents are amazing…

Dogs in midshake

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Girl and Penguin

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Moscow-based photogr

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Russian photographer

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Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, poverty thoughts

Pretty amazing and well-written perspective.

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In this animation by

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▶ Blade Runner - The

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8-bit makeup

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The Deal: Batman: Th

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Photos Reveal Harsh Detail Of Brazil's History With Slavery

Write something...

The origami kayak and 9 other great folding vehicles

 Whoever knew that origami and transport were such good friends? The art of folding offers a dynamic solution for on-the-go city dwellers with limited space. One such offering is the Oru Kayak -- a rigid, fully functioning kayak that folds up to form its own carry case.

 Australian design student Jack Martinich has given the wheelchair a makeover. It not only looks like a product of the 21st century, but it behaves like one too. The Mobi chair has an automatic folding mechanism so it can easily be taken in and out of the car or stored at home when not in use.

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Existential Bummer:

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Are You Happy And In Love? Here’s Why That Makes You So Sad.

Pink Fairy Armadillo

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Carolina hammerhead

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Is Brazil A Fail?

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Kakslauttanen Igloo

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Meticulously Wrapped

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Layer upon layer upo

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Spiral Staircase, Na

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UltraHaptics - Feel your interface mid-air [video]

The new innovation, called UltraHaptics, uses an array of ultrasonic transducers to generate a complex set of sound waves. The array is phased--like the best new-generation military radar systems--so that sound waves generated by each sensor arrive at a chosen point in space at the same time. When enough ultrasound waves are focused on a point above, say, a tablet's surface they can generate a definite sensation in a human fingertip thanks to the high sensitivity of the nervous system.

Through a series of tests and experiments, the researchers have shown that they can create individual haptic feedback points that are finer than a user can sense. This means in theory that if you combine a number of these points then you should be able to generate very complex and subtle force feedback sensations, something akin to running one's finger over a slight edge on an onscreen UI button--as if it were a real, raised surface. Since the effects are generated by an array of transducers, this also means they're not localized to the near vicinity of the transducer itself (as in existing phone buzzers) and can thus deliver feedback for very large screens.

More @ Co.Labs

UltraHaptics May Be The Next Revolution In Touchscreen Phones

Massachusetts man uses 3-D printer to make prosthetic hand for his son

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Street Artby Vhils (

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S. a novel conceived

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Teach Your Kids -- With Robots

Gupta set out to find a way to teach very young children the basics of coding--sequences of instructions, subroutines, events, conditional statements--in a playful way. Today Play-i launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $250,000 to manufacture two kid-friendly robots called Bo and Yana, which teach high-level programming concepts to children as as young as five.

More @ Co.Labs ⚙ code community

Captain Kirk to command new Navy destroyer

Laser Etched Pumpkin

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Hello Ara - Are Modular Phones the Future?

Led by Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Ara is developing a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software: create a vibrant third-party developer ecosystem, lower the barriers to entry, increase the pace of innovation, and substantially compress development timelines.

Our goal is to drive a more thoughtful, expressive, and open relationship between users, developers, and their phones. To give you the power to decide what your phone does, how it looks, where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it.

Here’s a sneak peek at early designs for Project Ara:

The design for Project Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules.  The endo is the structural frame that holds all the modules in place.

More @ Motorola Blog

Motorola announces Project Ara, an open hardware platform with modular components ala Phonebloks

Very cool! Bruno Torres check this out

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Steampunk Iron Man

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A "Volume Knob" for your Window?

noise cancellation device window sticker

Created by industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich, the Sono sticks to glass surfaces and literally allows you to dial down unwanted noise. After it receives a sound’s vibrations, it reprocesses them much like the active noise cancellation technology used in certain headphones. Sono’s interface acts as a dial, letting you choose which sounds you want blocked from your fortress of solitude.

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Clone Trooper (White

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Scientists may have figured out why we sleep

"Brain Cleansing"

Brains flush toxic waste in sleep, including Alzheimer’s-linked protein, study of mice finds

Lulu Xie - The difference of cerebrospinal fluid influx is seen in the brain of an awake and a sleeping mouse. Fluorescent dye has been injected into the animal to enable viewing of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in a mouse that is still alive. The red represents the greater flow in a sleeping animal, while the green represents conversely restricted flow in the same awake animal.
While we are asleep, our bodies may be resting, but our brains are busy taking out the trash.
A new study has found that the cleanup system in the brain, responsible for flushing out toxic waste products that cells produce with daily use, goes into overdrive in mice that are asleep. The cells even shrink in size to make for easier cleaning of the spaces around them.

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Sachiyo Yoshida, Bil

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Out of Hand: Materia

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High Tech Multi-Tool

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Emptying Gestures

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Sports News: