Thursday, October 06, 2005

Naked Women

Yeah, I confess. I like looking at naked women. It's the animal in me. Whatever.

I came across this link to a daily topless joke video from Playboy (quicktime), and must confess I love it. Not because the jokes are funny (they aren't). Not because of the boobs (ok, maybe a little). But rather because I find it totally unglamorous.

When you look at a picture, there's the composition, the angle, the light, the props, the retouching (a lot of it these days, see some links below) and, probably most important, the viewer's imagination.

The videos here have unflattering lighting, the (fake) boobs move in funny ways, the models voices are... let's say not that pleasant. It leaves less for your imagination. Sure they are very pretty women but they just don't seem as beautiful as in their magazine photos.

Aesthetics are of course relative. I personally like more artistic nudes, some people prefer more raunchy or explicit. I just find it very interesting to see a different depiction of the same models.

Here are some interesting links. I found them when looking up comments on Playboy retouching photos.

Some very interesting digital retouching examples.

Perfect 10 only goes for the "natural" look. Natural seems to be relative though, from their FAQ: "Q: What if I have had a breast reduction or other cosmetic surgery? Can I still be in PERFECT 10 Magazine? A: If you have had a breast reduction, you can still be in PERFECT 10. As for other cosmetic surgery, if it is obvious that you have had your lips done etc., we would probably not shoot you. We tend to go for the natural look."

Enough for now...


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