Thursday, September 28, 2006


I find that listening to talk does not interfere with my (left-brain) work, mainly programming. So I've been listening sometimes to talk radio or podcasts while working. Here is some of the stuff I like to listen to:
I think podcasts area better experience because of time-shifting, you can listen to them any time you want, rewind, fast-forward, etc.

Hey, if anyone does not know yet, podcasts DO NOT require an ipod or even iTunes to listen to, they're nothing more than an RSS feed that lists MP3 files you can download. There's software out there that makes it easy for you to get the ones you want on a frequent basis. I do use iTunes though. They should adopt another name, like Netcasting or Audcasting before Apple sues...

Mad props to Leo Laporte. He's the only podcaster who can giggle on the air and not ruin the podcast for me (BTW, please listen to this all would-be teenager podcasters out there: Do... not... giggle...).

I'm still trying to find a good podcast in Portuguese (Brazilian)... haven't really found one.

Just listened to this once (really!), but it's sickeningly interesting in a The-Onion-Savage-love-meets-Jerry-Springer-meets-Dr-Phil kind of way... LoveLine with Dr. Drew


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Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite podcasts.

KCRW - LeShow (political humor)
KCRW - Left, Right and Center (politics)
KCRW - Art Talk (art)
KCRW - Second Opinion (medical commentary)
NPR - On Words with John Ciardi (word history)
NY Times - Maureen Dowd's column (politics)
Slashdot Review (tech)

Sports News: