Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Misreporting on Brazilian Plane Crash?

How come that my own self, with no resources but Internet access and a knowledge of Portuguese, can have better information than "real" news channels?

From Fox News:

The Brazilian Tam airlines plane traveled the length of the runway Tuesday before barreling over or across a busy avenue at the height of the evening rush hour and crashed into a gas station and a building owned by the airline.

After touching down, the plane traveled the length of the runway and then barreled over across a busy road at the height of the evening rush hour in South America's largest city and slammed into a gas station, said Jose Leonardi Mota, a spokesman with airport authority Infraero.

From O Globo: (my translation)

...TAM's Airbus 320, flight 3054, traveling from Porto Alegre [to Sao Paulo] with 176 people on board, 6 of which were crew members, skidded while landing on the new runway, crossed Washington Luiz Avenue without touching the asphalt e exploded in TAM Express' building...

It was raining in Sao Paulo when the accident occurred. According to witnesses, the plane was not able to stop in the new runway, which was refurbished and delivered at the end of June without the grooving to avoid skidding. Seconds before, pilots on the take-off queue heard shouts from the Airbus cabin: 'Turn, turn, turn".

As per O Globo, TAM's building was also a fueling station; the plane did not hit a generic gas station.

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