Friday, November 30, 2007

The Origin of Fantasy Football

But where did fantasy football come from? What unheralded genius is responsible for making every Sunday afternoon from September to January a national holiday?

His name is Wilfred Winkenbach.

Winkenbach, an Oakland area businessman and limited partner in the Oakland Raiders, along with Raiders Public Relations manager Bill Tunnel and reporter Scotty Starling developed the rules that eventually became modern fantasy football in the Milford Plaza Hotel during a 1962 team trip to NYC.

When he returned to Oakland, Winkenbach organized the inaugural eight-team league called the GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Procrastinators League), which consisted of those who were either an administrative affiliate of the AFL, a pro football journalist or someone who has purchased or sold 10 season tickets for the Raiders’ 1963 season.

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