Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vagrant 1.5 Feature Preview: Vagrant Share - Vagrant

Vagrant 1.5 Feature Preview: Vagrant Share A primary goal of Vagrant is not only to provide easy-to-use development environments, but also to make it easy to share and collaborate on these environments. With Vagrant 1.5, we're introducing a feature that will allow you to share your running Vagrant environment with anyone, on any network connected to the internet. We're calling this feature 'Vagrant Share.' This feature lets you share a link to your web server to a teammate across the country, or just across the office. It'll feel like they're accessing a normal website, but actually they'll be talking directly to your running Vagrant environment. They'll be able to see any changes you make, as you make them, in real time. With Vagrant Share, others can not only access your web server, they can access your Vagrant environment like it was any other machine on a local network. They can have access to any and every port.

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