Saturday, September 29, 2007

TED and BMW Count Down to Armageddon and More...

Hurray for TED and BMW.

NEW YORK and WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J., June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Once a year, 1000 people are invited to the TED Conference in Monterey, California, to exchange something of incalculable value: their ideas. What happens there has never been shared until now. TED and BMW today announced they will team up to provide a ground-breaking, free video and audio podcast series of the best talks delivered at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference. Starting today, the public can download the talks - which will feature Al Gore, Bono, and more than 30 other distinguished speakers...

Take special note on Stephen Petranek counts down to Armageddon, well worth watching (above for your convenience ;-).

See them here.

P.S. As a side note, why can't we have more of this and less empty, useless crap? Can someone please figure out a way to make *real* information sell better than useless information? I really don't care about Celebutards like Paris or Britney, or reality non-stars. Okay... it may be hard to make most people actually think critically, so how about we just come up with a really entertaining vehicle for good quality information and science? If Poker on TV can be entertaining, or a reality show about cakes, there's gotta be a way.

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