Monday, April 26, 2010

Completely see-through car made [video]

Shell has a new oil that is formulated to clean the inside of your engine – so what better way to prove that then to build a functional glass car to prove it? Shell decided there was no better way, so they built exactly that – and filmed it for your enjoyment.

Shell has a new oil, known as Helix, which they tout for its “active cleansing technology,” and a tagline that claims “performance you can see.”

In order to back up their bold claims, Shell outsourced the building of a completely see-through car, made out of clear Perplex (plexiglass). The car of choice is a Nissan 370Z, recreated with immense detail and at least some functionality.

The engine itself was made double the size of the original – purely to allow for the video to capture the oil as it worked it way through the engine. The end result is an interesting perspective not often – if ever – enjoyed by the human eye.

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