Monday, August 13, 2007

Innovative Flood Bag


1) Save money, time, and labour in the war against flooding with reusable bags filled with a safe biodegradable polymer and water
2) Build dikes in half the time with fewer people
3) Deploys quickly and easily
4) Easy to use: automatically inflates in only 3 - 5 minutes (expands from 1 lb to 34lbs)
5) Requires less labor to prepare or use
6) Can be inflated at point of use, no need for heavy infrastructure
Preparation (remotes filling with sand and transported to site)
7) Very efficient: requires no more storage space than a normal, empty
8) Easy to ship or move
9) Reusable
10) Environmentally friendly
11) Uses natural jute bag or polypropylene plastic bag and water absorbing
resin (PRTR approved, the same as baby diapers)
12) Product dissolves naturally in ground

Pretty cool invention... although I wonder if it's not just a big baby diaper. I've recently used diapers to suck water out of a carpet, worked pretty well. More.

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