Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Point and Counterpoint - All You can Eat Buffets

Which opinion do you subscribe to?
My name is Nick, and I’m an all-you-can-eat-buffet-holic.

Thanks to an incredible metabolism, I’m able to eat 73 pounds of food in one sitting and not gain an ounce. This has spelled disaster for many area all-you-can-eat buffets whose owners break down and cry when they see me coming. I am a master of eating, and you can be too.

Okay, so maybe all-you-can-eat buffets (henceforth simply “buffets”) aren’t the best thing for your body; but a limitless food selection of questionable nutrition at a fixed price is a magical thing for people eating on a budget. One major problem has plagued buffet-eaters throughout the ages: a few plates later and you can’t eat any more. Even folks of gargantuan proportions often find themselves unable to down enough food to justify the price tag.

If things like health and being able to see your feet don’t really concern you, here are some tactics for eating your money’s worth at all-you-can-eat buffets that’ll have you striking fear in the heart of buffet restaurateurs everywhere.

Or this:
My husband loves buffets, particularly Indian and Chinese, because he can eat a variety of foods. For this reason, buffets can be a wonderful dining experience. But is this necessarily good for our health? It all depends. You probably don’t need to continue reading if:

a. You’re an athlete and in training (and usually eat buffets to keep up your weight)

b. You work out regularly and/or don’t usually gain weight/feel too full after a buffet.

But for those of you who usually indulge at buffets and end up feeling guilty afterwards, this article is for you! A buffet shouldn’t leave you feeling bloated, lethargic, or guilty for consuming food. Instead, it should leave you feeling satisfied because you were able to enjoy a variety of foods and walk away without having to unbutton that first button of your pants!!
So, for you buffet-goers, here are some suggestions:

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