Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Real Flying Saucer

The M200X volantor has completed over two hundred successful test flights. It has been extensively hard-tooled so that derivatives not requiring FAA certification are now available.

Recreational and utilitarian models include:

Demonstrators for use over one’s own property (M200D)
Versions that operate within ground effect--approximately 10 feet AGL (M200G)
Experimental or homebuilt variants (M200E)
Rescue configuration capable of docking with skyscrapers (Firefly 3)

Depending on the number of orders received the prices could vary between $125,000 for the M200G to $450,000 for the Firefly 3. Information on potential military and/or para-military applications of the M200R and M200M are welcome.

Another model:

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