Monday, October 08, 2007

The Terrorrism Conspiracy vs The Global Warming Conspiracy

After hearing about this:

Computerised speech capable of mimicking any human voice is in danger of unleashing a form of "vocal terrorism", where disinformation is spread by hacking into telephone networks, British scientists warned today.

The researchers believe that advances in synthetic voices, made by recreating digital versions of people's vocal tracts, will make them indistinguishable from real human speech within 15 years.

"We'll be able to synthesize the voice of anybody saying anything, based on hearing just a sentence or two of them speaking," he said. "This gives rise to a notion of what I call vocal terrorism as a possible scenario in the future and we should be thinking about that now."

(...) it could be that I've taken over a communications network for a country and I broadcast the sound of a leader to the people," he added.

I find it interesting that the same people that often "claim that the theory that global warming is caused by humans is a conscious fraud, perpetuated for financial or ideological reasons" [more here], are usually in support of the exact same reasoning as far as Terrorrism is concerned.

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