Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jesus Can't

Here's the question: Is the "fight against terror" a fight between fanatics vs. non-fanatics or a fight between fanatics from two sides of the same fence?

Moreover, is that fence a real fence, or is it a fence that (a) only the fanatics can see and (b) is painted different colors on different sides and the whole discussion is what color it is?

Heard about this in Bill Maher's show.

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David Brown said...

I saw Jesus Camp last night in Seattle. It was fascinating and frightening from start to finish. In spite of my gut-level disgust and fear at what these people are doing to children, you had to love the kids for their innocent sincerity. Kids are a lot more grown up than we give them credit for sometimes. But their sense of discrimination is lost to their trust in their parents and other adult role models.

My favorite review of the movie is this one:

"You don't have to be an extremist liberal to find any minute of Jesus Camp more frightening than the entirety of Village of the Damned."
-- BY JAN STUART, Newsday Staff Writer
(Full review)

The movie, oddly, seemed like it could be viewed and enjoyed by both godless heathen liberals and self-righteous Evangelical zealots. It clearly wasn't made in order to support the camp, or the religeous right. The filmmakers let the events speak for themselves.

I highly recommend the film, though it's difficult to track down. It's not in wide release yet. Keep you eyes open for a chance to see it. It's well worth seeing.

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