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At age 17, Weina is the chief executive of her own Web-based podcast hosting company and makes an annual salary of $40,000 for working 20 hours a week. Her office is her laptop in her parent's townhouse near North Miami Beach. She balances her work duties with doing homework for seven advanced placement classes at Krop Senior High School and applying to colleges.

"This is the American dream," Weina says. "Start the company with zero dollars and end up with a $40,000 salary. I think I'll take that."

Experts say there is a growing number of teenage entrepreneurs like Weina, and most dive into the online business world. But because of their inexperience with promoting themselves, their stories are rarely heard.

"There's a lot of very successful young people that don't get spoken about very much," says David Hauser, who is involved with the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards and Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship. He says the bulk of young entrepreneurs head to the Internet, where capital required for a company is lower and criticism of an executive's young age is unlikely.
I think it's much easier for younger people to try something out and be enterpreneurial.
Kudos to those that do, I wish I had.
Of course, a $40K sallary in south Florida is really not enough to live well, but certainly enough for a teenager living with the parents to start out.

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